Our Preschool curriculum is a seamless blend of 4 international child development methodologies – Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Playway & Kintergarten.

Every methodology has its positives and shortcomings. What we have done is to take the best practices from these methodologies, tweak them for Indian needs and have come up with a preschool curriculum, which we believe is the best for our children.
Learning through fun and games is the underlying principle behind this. We ensure that children use all their 5 senses as part of their learning.

The preschool session is between 9AM and 12 noon. Our Preschool program admits children above the age of 1.5 years upto age 3.5 years

Our children learn through fun, explorative methods that do not stress them out at all.

We follow a 1:10 teacher to child ratio and it is the best in its class. This ratio ensures that we can give individual attention to each and every child.

We do not have a homework system for our children. The only work they do at home is a project work they undertake on a fortnightly basis. The language curriculum is based on Phonics. And because of the way we teach, our kids start reading 4-5 word sentences by the end of our LKG class!

The LKG session is between 9AM and 2:30 PM. Our LKG program admits children above the age of 3.5 years upto age 4.5 years

“A person soon learns how little he knows when a child begins to ask questions” – Richard L Evans

The above saying is so true, and at The Wonder Years Preschools, we encourage children to ask as many questions as they possibly can. Children learn through questioning things around them and we encourage that. Only by way of questioning can we grow and develop.

The UKG curriculum takes learning to another level. By the end of our UKG class, our children are at an equivalent level as that of Grade 1 students in normal schools.

The UKG session is between 9AM and 2:30 PM. Our UKG program admits children above the age of 4.5 years upto age 5.5 years

Academic year 2017-18 ushers in a new chapter for us – Starting of our Grade 1.

With a maximum 15 students in a class, we enhance on individual strengths and focus on correcting weaknesses in our children.

The syllabus followed will be CBSE with books from Cambridge Publications.

Apart form academics, we will give a lot of importance to sports, arts, culture, self defence etc

Daycare is a lot more than just feeding or putting your child to bed. We believe in making our facilities a second home to them… a place where they can be happy and feel free to explore and play at their will.

After their lunch between 12:30 – 1:00 PM, all children are put to bed in airy, bright rooms with windows kept open to allow for cross winds to help circulate the air.

After their afternoon nap, children wake up by around 3:30 PM and have their snacks and milk before getting round to playing with mind stimulating games and puzzles till they are picked up by parents.

Children need to vent their energies in areas other than studies. A wholesome and rounded development of children is important. At our afterschool program, children get to use all their faculties at will to play and explore at the center during their time with us.

We DO NOT believe in afterschool homework and tuitions. As such, our children come to our school to get a break from classroom learning and to take a much needed break in between.

 Our fanaticism about child safety is carried on into all aspects of our services, even after children leave the school premises. As far as possible, we follow a policy of doorstep pickup and drop.

We have government approved, speed regulated (40 km/hr) schools vans plying our students. These vans are fitted with GPS that allows for real time monitoring of routes, speed and also provides SMS alerts to parents when the vehicles approach their location.

Summer camps are a fun affair at The Wonder Years Preschools. Open for children 5 years and above during the 2 months of summer vacations, the program is designed to get children to work together in teams to solve certain challenges.

We concentrate of overall personality development through the use of innovative activities.Children are involved in cooking, crafts, team building games, treasure hunting, camping, trekking etc to name a few of the many activities.

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